Able Building Inspection Home Inspections ((540)636-6200) Provides Residential and Commercial Building Inspection Services Throughout Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and DC.

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An ABLE Building Inspection


Start with a Stable Foundation

An ABLE building inspection is a visual examination of all the accessible areas of a house or building. The purpose of the inspection is to provide honest, objective, and comprehensive information about the property. Expensive or hazardous problems, systems at the end of their useful lives, minor concerns, maintenance and positive, above-average features are covered during the inspection.
It is important to explain the significance of the information discovered during the inspection. If information is not understood, it is not useful. The inspections meet or exceed the standards of the American Society of Home Inspectors, the Commonwealth of Virginia and the States of West Virginia and Maryland.
You are encouraged to be present during the entire inspection to see everything for yourself and to be sure your specific questions are answered. Water shut-offs, air filter locations, and electrical equipment operation will be explained during the inspection. Saturday and evening inspections are available at no extra charge, however, daylight is necessary for exterior inspections.
It is important for the inspector to be able to access as much of the building as possible, including attics, crawl spaces and utility areas, and that utilities be turned on. Roofs that can be safely climbed for inspection will be inspected from the roof. Attics and crawl spaces that can be safely entered and provide physical access for the inspector will be inspected.
ABLE Building Inspection, Inc. does not provide appraisals or recommendations about the value of the property. The inspector’s job is to provide you with information about the present condition of the property to allow you to make informed decisions. He will also explain the operation and maintenance of the systems in the building.